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tonsil stonesThe foul smelling white globs at the back of your throat and on your tonsils are tonsil stones or tonsilloliths. In order to effectively treat tonsil stones it is necessary to understand how they occur, what causes tonsil stones and formulate a treatment that both eliminates them and prevents them from occurring in the future.

Tonsilloliths are an accumulation of anaerobic sulphur producing bacteria and food or other particles like mucus on the tonsils which begin to putrefy in the small pockets on your tonsils, resulting in a terrible smell. Post nasal drip is a common cause of tonsil stones as the proteins in mucus are food for the sulphur producing bacteria. A combination of the bacterial infestation and the putrefying particles on your tonsils can result in chronic halitosis and dreadful taste disorders.

Removing your tonsils surgically is not necessarily going to be the answer to curing your bad breath. The anaerobic bacteria occur in all of your oral cavities, nasal sinus cavities, in your mouth and back of the throat. While surgery may remove part of the problem, the bacteria will still be present and will still be producing sulphur. Tonsil removal is not necessary to achieve fresh breath, effective treatment of tonsil stones and getting anaerobic bacteria production under control can be achieved with Therabreath’s unique oxygenating formula that makes it impossible for anaerobic bacteria to proliferate.

A simple combination of Therabreath’s extra strength oxygenating Oral Rinse, extra strength tooth paste, sinus irrigation and in severe cases the use of the throat spray will effectively deal with tonsil stones. In order to ensure that tonsil stones do not re-occur at any time in the future it is highly recommended that your oral care regimen include an oxygenating toothpaste that has no sugar, no alcohol and no sodium Lauryl sulphate like Therabreath toothpaste, which comes in two strengths, the Therabreath regular toothpaste and Therabreath PLUS toothpaste.