Tonsil Stone Starter Pack

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Do not allow tonsil stones to set in and affect your life. If you are in the early stages of suffering with tonsil stones use this pack to get them under control. for more severe infestations and long term tonsil stone sufferers, the tonsil stone deluxe pack is for you >>

Pack Contains:

1 x Therabreath ORGINAL Toothpaste (Green)
2 x Therabreath PLUS oral rinse
1 x Tongue Cleaner
1 x FLO nasal sinus irrigator (includes 12 x flo sachets)
1 x Therabreath Mandarin mint lozenges

This pack contains all of the necessary products to effectively eliminate tonsil stones at the source. These are the maximum strength formulas required to rid yourself of tonsil stones.

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