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Tonsil Stones Treatment and Prevention

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Fresh Breath | 2 comments

tonsil stones in the throatWhat are Tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones, also known as “Tonsilloliths” are a source of terrible embarrassment to those who suffer with them and in many cases, large tonsil stones can be very uncomfortable, causing a scratchy sensation in the back of the throat. Tonsil stones are not to be confused with an infected throat (strep throat), tonsillitis or other tonsil infections. Having tonsil stones does not make you sick, it is an accumulation of bacteria and protein that smells extremely bad and manifest as small white blobs on the tonsils or back of the throat.

What Causes Tonsil Stones?

Your tonsils do not have a perfectly smooth surface but are instead full of crevices and small indentations that serve as very convenient places for bacteria, dead or dying cells, mucus or blood particles to become lodged. These cells, along with the bad breath causing bacteria accumulate in these crevices creating white blobs that the bacteria inside feed off. It is the by-product of the bacteria that have fed of the proteins in these dead cells, mucus or blood particles that is a sulfur compound we experience as bad breath.

The fact that the Tonsil stones are lodged on the tonsils means that they are filling your mouth and throat with a sulfur compound 24/7.  In most cases the stones are visible on the tonsils but in many cases, the tonsils tones are located out of view and on the back of the tonsils, out of view from the mouth.

Untreated tonsil stones can result in other conditions and infections including strep throat and even ear infections but are fortunately relatively easy to get rid of and preventing them from re-occurring is possible.

How do I get rid of Tonsil stones?

Many people ask, “why can’t I just remove my tonsils?” and the answer is, “Surgery is the last resort that anyone should consider, and especially, as they are easily treatable.”

Surgery is both extremely expensive, very dangerous and any good ear nose and throat specialist will only recommend surgery where absolutely necessary, surgery should never be taken lightly.

therabreath tonsil stone starter packDr Harold Katz of the California Breath Clinics and inventor of the Therabreath oral care system spent many years researching the causes and remedies for those suffering with bad breath, which culminated in the introduction of Therabreath to the World in 1994. Therabreath is now sold in over 100 countries around the World.

The Treatment and prevention of Tonsil Stones is through a combination of Therabreath products




  1. Therabreath PLUS, extra strength tooth paste
  2. Therabreath nasal sinus drops
  3. Therabreath Throat spray or Lozenges

The Therabreath Tonsil stone starter pack contains all the necessary ingredients to help remove existing tonsil stones and to prevent their re-occurrence.

Therabreath tonsil stone starter pack