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Mays Chemist – Parkview

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May’s Chemist is ideally situated for those looking for a stockist near Braamfontien of the city center, Parktown, Parkview, Saxonwold and the surrounding areas. Mays Chemist is located on Tyrone Avenue just 2 blocks away from the Zoo Lake in Parkview and close top the Parkview Police Station.

Tyrone avenue is a really interesting street with a few really trendy coffee shops, antique stores, gift shops and is a local hangout of the trendy folk who love a good coffee and great food. Mays is right next to The Europa Coffe shop and Standard bank.

There is of course a Pharmacy, Mays Chemist, A Spar and a host of shops and offices providing the community essentials. Tyrone avenue is worth a visit, so when you stop in to May’s to buy your Therabreath products, have a coffee and take a stroll around this wonderful historic area.

Mays Chemist Stocks a complete range of Therabreath including the following.

Therabreath original oral rinse and toothpaste
Therabreath Icy mint oral rinse
Therabreath PLUS oral rinse and tooth paste
Periotherapy oral rinse and toothpaste
Therabreath Mandarin mint lozenges
Therabreath throat spray

Telephone: 011 646 1312

Trading hours: Monday – Friday: 08H30 to 18H00, Saturday: 08H30 to 13H00, Sunday: Closed