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In honor of our new TheraBreath/The Breath Co Rainforest Mint Fresh Breath Oral Rinse (Not yet avaiable in South Africa), The Therabreath Team are proud to announce a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Our combined efforts will help replenish the rainforests of Madagascar with a donation of one million trees planted in the Marorono rainforest. Yes that is 1 million trees!

The project is not only a greening project but offers safe long-term employment to many members of Madagascars local communities. Madagascar is home to many endangered or “in danger” creatures which the planting project will help by creating new habitats for fish species, Nile crocodiles, the endangered sacred ibis, and crowned sifaka lemur. Most importantly, it gives a breath of fresh air to Madagascar and the world.

Marorono, like many rainforests in South America and Africa, has been depleted in the past years by logging and climate change. In 2019, rainforest depletion rates were the highest they’ve been in a decade. The loss of these rain forests removed an important part of our planet’s oxygen-producing ecosystem.

Eden Reforestation Projects have been helping to restore depleted environments for sixteen years. With our help and funding, they are repopulating the Marorono rainforest with mangrove trees.

This will be the work of months and years, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you as we make it!