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Dental ExamBelieve it or not, your smile could reveal some very important things about your body and what it is going through. Below are some of the things that your oral health can reveal.


Infection occurs when unhealthy bacteria gets stuck in between the teeth and gums. The infection can enter your bloodstream by a simple act like brushing your teeth. If the bacteria gets in contact with major organs, it can cause serious long-term problems. If you have red, swollen or bleeding gums, chances are that this kind of periodontal infection has pushed negative chemicals onto other parts of the body.

To help the situation, start using a soft toothbrush and periotherapy oral rinse.


A person who has several abscesses in the mouth, could suffer from diabetes. They should be sent for a glucose tolerance test. There are cases where an infection in the mouth could cause the body to produce cytokines. These are proteins that could increase insulin resistance and make blood sugar more difficult to manage. Diabetes thwarts the body’s natural ability to fight off infections. When these two factors are combined, it creates a cycle that could impact a patient’s health severely.

Most people are not even aware that they have diabetes. Because of this fact, dentists and oral hygienist’s play an integral part in making sure that these patients get the proper treatment.

Regular visits to your dentist or oral hygienist are essential.

The birth of your baby?

It is a well-known fact amongst OB-Gyn’s that pre-term births and low weight births could be one of the side effects of an infection in the body. Previous research focused on the urinary tract and throat infections, but the mouth is also susceptible to unhealthy bacteria. In short, periodontal disease could be a trigger for early births. Cytokines can increase the production of prostaglandin, a hormone that causes early labour.

Keep a good oral care regimen using a soft toothbrush and tongue cleaner.


The older a person gets, the greater the chances are of hip bone and other fractures. The cause of this is a decrease in the bone density and strength, and is known as osteoporosis, which is also the most common cause among bone breakage in older people. Osteoporosis often causes pain and will hinder your ability to carry out normal everyday activities. The same mineral density loss that causes osteoporosis also affects the teeth and jawbone as well. A more in depth analysis of your oral health could also uncover other skeletal issues. Many suggested measures to reduce osteoporosis, will also have a positive effect on the gums and their health.+