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Your mouth wash could be giving you bad breathThere is only 1 way to cure bad breath and that is to stop the production of sulphur, and the only way to stop the production process is to oxidize the bacteria and sulphur compounds away.

Commercially available mouthwash does not oxidize away the bacteria; they simply mask the problem and in fact could be creating even worse environments that actually create higher levels of anaerobic bacteria. The reason for this is that these mouthwash use Alcohol in their chemicals.

Alcohol found in mouthwash dries out the mouth and the drier your mouth gets the worse your breath gets, it’s as simple as that.

Therabreath mouthwash and bad breath cures contain no Alcohol and all ingredients are 100% natural.

Oxygenating your mouth and throat daily with the AktivOxigen mouthwash / oral rinse creates an oral environment that is not conducive to the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad breath and Halitosis.

Good oral hygiene is an essential part of daily life and simply changing from commercial mouthwash products to specifically designed Therabreath Oxygenating mouthwash /oral rinses and nasal sinus drops, toothpastes and bacteria eliminators will allow you to live a fresh breath life and regain your social confidence.