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Which is the best fresh breath toothpasteToothpaste

The best fresh breath toothpaste is not necessarily the toothpaste that tastes the best or smells of mint or any other aroma that has become associated with fresh breath. The simple fact is that the toothpaste companies as well as the gum manufacturers have done a fabulous job of associating smells with fresh breath.

Mint or musk or any other form of association with fresh breath is a marketing exercise designed to get you to buy their products where these products do not treat the causes of bad breath, but merely mask them for a period of time and in most cases actually make the problem worse through the use of sugars, sweeteners and other flavourants that mask your bad breath for a few minutes.

There is ONLY 1 WAY to deal with bad breath and that is by eliminating the source of the bad breath. We know that bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria giving off a sulphur compound as the result of their consumption of protein and the ONLY way to eliminate anaerobic bacteria is by making your mouth, throat and nose an inhospitable environment for them to live in. This is achieved by making the environment highly oxygenated by using Therabreath products which cause a chemical reaction that produces high doses of oxygen.

Therabreath toothpast, mouthwash and nasal drops have little or no odour that will mask your bad breath, it produces oxygen and kills anaerobic bacteria, simple as that.

Order Therabreath products and start feeling the confidence return to your social life.