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celebrity bad breathEven though celebrities have their own personal assistants and oral care health experts, they do also use techniques that we as regular people can use to keep our teeth sparkly white and our breath fresh.

Dentist to the stars, Dr Debra Glassman, recently shared some of the tips that she gives her celebrity patients, among others Leighton Meester and Jennifer Hudson. She says to stay away from any citrus fruits because they contain acids that weaken the tooth’s enamel making the teeth more prone to staining. So the next time you have a drink of iced tea don’t suck on the lemon or lime that you put into your drink, drink anything citrus with a straw to prevent it from reaching your teeth if you must drink citrus.

Another tip that she gave is to rinse out your mouth with water after you have had your coffee or tea or have eaten anything, this she says, will remove the residue left behind that causes your teeth to stain and any small food particles that are stuck between your teeth. This tactic is excellent for preventing staining and to keep your breath fresh. The fewer food particles you have in your mouth, the fewer proteins the bacteria have to consume.

There are also the teeth whitening strips you can buy at the chemist. Many of the Hollywood starlets use this method to whiten their teeth and to dazzle us with their sparkling smile. These effectively provide temporary white, much like using tippex on paper (never use tippex on your teeth).

Many of the celebrity stars are turning to oral care products that have been specially formulated to keep their breath fresher for longer. The last thing any celebrity needs is being ridiculed by the press for having less than fresh breath or a co-star that cannot stand to be up close on set.

Many celebrities have turned to Dr Katz and his oral care products and he is known among them as the Bad Breath Guru. Kr Katz’s products range from mouth wash, toothpastes and many other specially formulated products specifically designed to eliminate those bad breath bacteria that thrive in your mouth. No other oral care product on the market contains Therabreath’s highly concentrated doses of oxygen in which bacteria cannot thrive.

So, if our product is good enough for the celebrities to use to eliminate their bad breath, why not give it a try yourself