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Treatment for chronic bad breathChronic bad breath is experienced by a large number of people around the world with the most common sign being a sour, bitter or metallic taste in the mouth. This biterr or metallic taste is often a result of a dry mouth which is very common in people taking any form of chronic/daily medication but of course you could also not be drinking sufficient water to keep your body hydrated.

The result of extended periods of dry mouth is an environment in which the bacteria that cause bad breath are able to spread. These bacteria then consume proteins and give off a sulfur compound which we experience as bad breath.

Add to this the presence of blood in the mouth, mucous in the sinus cavities and throat or food particles left from eating and you have an environment that is literally a party for the bacteria to thrive in.

Chronic bad breath is often a result of prolonged environments which the bacteria have been spreading in and Tonsil stones are sometimes created by a build up of anaerobic bacteria in the throat and tonsil areas, with high concentrations of these bacteria present on the tongue and the back of the throat. Treatment for chronic bad breath would be with the strongest formulations of oxygenating Therabreath Aktivoxigen formulas, the Therabreath PLUS toothpaste and the Therabreath PLUS oral rinse. We always recommend that chronic bad breath sufferers make use of either The Therabreath chewing gum or the Mandarin mint Lozenges to keep their mouths producing saliva and preventing a dry mouth and always remember to drink plenty of water.

Dry mouth mimics the environment that these bacteria thrive in and it is an essential part of treating chronic bad breath to keep the mouth well oxygenated with saliva.

The combination of these three Therabreath products has proven to be extremely effective in treating chronic bad breath. Order Therabreath and begin treating chronic bad breath.