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Blair UnderwoodCelebrity Smile 1 – Blair Underwood

His big break came when he got offered a role in the TV series LA Law in 1987.  In 2000 he also starred in the TV series City Of Angels.  Blair’s smile is sexy and mature.  And to top it off he also has healthy and perfectly proportioned teeth.

Taylor Lautner

Celebrity Smile 2 –Taylor Lautner

Known for his role in the groundbreaking “Twilight Saga” movies, which launched his career in 2008.  But even before his role as Jake, his big break came in the movie “Lava Boy” and before that his role in the ever popular “Cheaper by the dozen”.  With those sparkly whites,  full kissable lips and that cheeky smile, no wonder the fans love him.

Matthew McConaughey

Celebrity Smile 3 –Matthew McConaughey

Matthew’s big break came in 1999 when he got the main role in the movie EDTv.  After his rise to fame, he kept making movies such as “The Wedding Planner” and “How to lose a guy in 10 Days”.  His sunny personality and his naughty smile, has earned him the title of the sexiest man alive.

Mario Lopez

Celebrity Smile 4 –Mario Lopez

Mario first made name for himself when he competed in 2006 on “Dancing with the stars”.  He then went on to host the ever popular “Americas best dance crew” and his popularity knows no end.  He definitely has a megawatt smile to go with those handsome looks.

Bradley Cooper

Celebrity Smile 5 –Bradley Cooper

Bradley hit the big time when he landed a role in the “Wedding Crashers” in 2005.  His fame rose after the movie and he got offered roles in movies such as “The Hangover” and “Valentines Day”.  Who could resist him with those baby blues and charming good boy smile?.

Julia Roberts

Celebrity Smile 6 –Julia Roberts

Who could forget the role that made her famous in 1990?  Pretty woman launched Julia’s career and her big Hollywood smile to new heights.  She is one of the most famous actresses and her string of hit movies is testimony to that.  She starred in “Erin Brockovich”, “My best friend’s wedding”, “Notting Hill” and “Runaway Bride”.  Julia Roberts has a smile that will light up any room, screen or the Red Carpet.

Haley Berry

Celebrity Smile 7 –Haley Berry

Voted as one of the sexiest woman alive, Haley Berry made her fame when she became one of the Bond Woman in the James Bond movie “Die Another Day”.  She went on to star in “The X-Men” movies, and who could forget her body hugging black lycra outfit in “Cat Woman”.  Her charming, effervescent smile only makes her more beautiful than she already is.

Rachel McAdams

Celebrity Smile 8 –Rachel McAdams

Rachel’s big break came when she was offered a starring role in the popular movie called “Mean Girls”.  She went on to play roles in the “Wedding Crashers”, and the leading role in the movie “The Time Travellers Wife”.  Her playful smile makes her glow from within.


Celebrity Smile 9 –J-Lo

J-Lo’s big break and rise to stardom in her movie career was when she was offered the lead role in the movie “Selena”.  She went on to stun her fans in other movies such as “The Wedding Planner”, Shall We Dance” and “Maid in Manhattan”.  J-Lo has the perfect smile, with perfect pearly whites that dazzle on and off screen.

Dianne Keating

Celebrity Smile 10 –Dianna Keaton

She may be one of the more mature actresses, but she definitely still has it.  Her most recent movie “Something’s gotta give” where she stars opposite Jack Nicholson is testament to that.  She has her fans giggling and smiling throughout the movie.  Dianna’s first big break was starring in “Annie Hall” in 1977, and thereafter  in “Baby Boom – 1987”.  She starred in many other movies over the years after that.  Dianna’s laughter is contagious and her smile is very generous.

Now I am sure we can all agree that all of the above celebrities have amazing smiles.  But I think for every person there is a soft spot and mine is Julia Roberts.  To me she is a stunningly beautiful woman (inside and out), an exceptional actress, a great role model and to top it of supports over 10 charities some including HIV, Cancer victims and Red cross.  I think that some people are just born to stand out, and Julia is one of them.