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toothpasteWe all know toothpaste is essential to keep our teeth sparkling clean, but did you know that toothpaste has other uses too?

Below are 10 other uses for toothpaste that will amaze you!

Cleaning Re-usable plastic bottles

We all have our plastic drink bottles that we use over and over again. Be it the drinking water bottle you take with you to the gym or the water bottle you keep in your fridge. And even though we clean them daily there is at some point a smell that you just cannot get rid of. To get rid of this smell place some toothpaste on a brush and scrub the inside of the bottle then place it into the dishwasher and your bottle will come out sparkling clean with no more odour.

A fantastic jewellery cleaner

There are many products on the market that can clean jewellery but very few match the cleaning power of toothpaste. Use a soft bristled toothbrush (an old one that has already done its job on your teeth) with some toothpaste and lightly scrub the jewellery. Place the jewellery under running water and keep scrubbing lightly until all traces of toothpaste are gone. Rub dry with a soft cloth. Your jewellery will be sparkling like the day you bought it at the jewellers. Take note that you should not do this with pearls as the adhesives in the toothpaste could scratch the surface.

Revive your old car head-lights

Head-lights over time become scratched and dirty, making the brightness of the globe seem dim. If you wash your head-lights with soap and water followed with buffing using toothpaste and a soft cloth, you will remove all dirt and the little scratches easily and effectively.

Fill those nail-holes

Obviously pollyfilla works very well but if you don’t have any available and you want to fill those small holes toothpaste will work very well. Simply place a small amount on your finger, rub over the hole to fill it, then wipe clean. Voila no more hole.

Shine up those shower doors

Shower doors tend to build up gunk. To restore the door to its original shine wipe it with some toothpaste and a wet cloth. If the stain is a bit tough simply leave the toothpaste on for a while then rinse off.

Remove small scratches from DVD’s and CD’s

What is more frustrating than when you want to watch your favourite DVD movies or listen to your favourite band on CD, only to have it hopping every few seconds? By rubbing a very small amount of toothpaste on a piece of cotton on the disc from the inside out you can get rid of those small scratches and smudges in a jiffy and get right back to your watching and listening enjoyment.

Clean the gunk of your iron

This is a tough one to clean, and you will know what I am talking about if you have ever tried to clean that mineral build-up that sticks to your iron. It is made so easy now by rubbing on the gunk using a soft cloth and some toothpaste. Use another clean cloth to wipe after. Please ensure that the iron is plugged out and that the iron is cool to the touch before cleaning it.

Put a shine on Silver

Shine all your silver ware such as cutlery, candle holders and ornaments with toothpaste. Use a soft dry cloth and some toothpaste and rub rub rub. If some have hard to reach places use a toothbrush to get in there and then wipe down with a soft dry cloth.

Shine your basin

Rub some toothpaste all around the inside of the basin using a soft cloth. Rinse the paste off and dry with a different cloth. Not only will your basin shine like new, that drain odour will also be non existent.

Clean and shine chrome

Rub those water splattered taps with a cloth and some toothpaste, rinse and dry. You can use this method on anything chrome such as wheel rims, and any plumbing fixtures. Only do this occasionally because the abrasives present in the toothpaste could start to wear away the finish of the chrome.

Fix your mobile screen

If your mobile screen is scratched, lightly rub your screen with a bit of toothpaste on a piece of cotton cloth. Then wipe the screen clean with another clean cotton cloth. It really works, try it.