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Therabreath, the cure for Halitosis that worksWhat is Halitosis?

Halitosis is the scientific name for bad breath, nothing more, and nothing less. Everyone at some stage in their life has had bad breath but it is those who suffer from persistent bad breath and become self conscious of the foul smell that it starts to effect their everyday interaction with people both socially and in the workplace that we need a cure that will restore confidence.

What causes Halitosis?

Halitosis is caused by an accumulation of sulphur producing anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavities (mouth, throat sinuses). These anaerobic bacteria feed on proteins like food particles, mucous or blood and the by product of their consumption of available proteins is a sulphur compound which we experience as Halitosis.

The causes for the accumulation of these anaerobic bacteria or environments which allow the bacteria to multiply are most commonly dry mouth, corrugated tongue where protein particles can get trapped, in the nooks and crannies on your tonsils and back of your tongue or in the sinuses.

Dry mouth and as a result, bad breath is often experienced by people taking anti-depressant medication, antihistamines or birth control pills. Bad breath is not an illness, it is simply an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria that give off hydrogen sulphide and can be effectively managed by increasing the concentration of Oxygen rich saliva and Therabreath products do just that, create oxygen rich environments that eliminate anaerobic bacteria as an effective cure for bad breath. You do not need to live with Halitosis.
Therabreath was developed in 1994 by Dr Harold Katz of the California breath clinics in response to a bad breath condition his 13 year old daughter experienced. Dr Katz is a Dentist and founder of the California breath clinics and has personally treated more than 15 000 people suffering with Halitosis ranging from mild to moderate Halitosis to Chronic and severe Halitosis. Dr Harold Katz has appeared on most News channels and has become known in Hollywood as “The bad breath Guru”

Bad breath is most severe in the early mornings when you wake up due to the bacteria being active for a long period of time while you were asleep. You may also experience more severe Halitosis at the end of the day if you have been drinking coffee and not eating regularly. People who talk a lot for a living like sales people or receptionists are also more prone to having halitosis simply because the action of talking allows their mouths to dry out a lot quicker than others. Banish morning breath with Therabreath’s Halitosis cure.

The cure for bad breath is to create oxygen rich environments which are not conducive for anaerobic bacteria to thrive in. Therabreath causes a chemical reaction in your mouth which produces high doses of oxygen and stimulates the production of oxygen rich saliva, effectively keeping the anaerobic bacteria under control allowing you to feel confident all day long. Don’t let bad breath affect your social life, there is a cure for Halitosis that will allow you to start living a fresh breath life and enjoying social interactions once again.

What products do I need?

The first and most important thing to do when treating Halitosis is eliminate the bulk of the Anaerobic bacteria from the mouth and throat with a good oral hygiene program incorporating products that contain no sugar, sodium lauryl sulphate or alcohol and include a toothpaste, mouthwash and tongue cleaner.

The Therabreath starter pack contains all of the products you need to rid yourself of Halitosis and start living with the confidence that your breath is not offensive.

Therabreath Toothpaste contains no foaming agent and does not have a minty flavor, it is a completely natural flavor that does not mask or hide your bad breath for a few minutes behind a minty smell, it treats your Halitosis and eliminates the offensive bacteria. The same goes for the AktivOxigen Mouthwash; it is a tasteless, odorless mouthwash that creates oxygen. The tongue cleaner is an essential part of the process to eliminate Halitosis. By removing the white/yellow layer on your tongue and exposing the bacteria that are hiding in between the hairs on your tongue, it delivers a high dosage of oxygen and creates an environment that anaerobic bacteria are unable to live in.