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The Therabreath differenceMany breath freshening products make use of a chemical, active chlorine dioxide which is not nearly as effective as the Sodium Chloride used in Therabreath’s Formula. Sodium Chloride has been used for over 100 years in water purification and it is safe and extremely effective.

There are 7 reasons why our product is a superior breath cure than ANY other products.

1. The active ingredient in our products generates oxidizing actions the moment it enters your mouth. This active ingredient is stabilized, unlike many others, which gives it a 3 year shelf life.

2.Our halitosis and bad breath formulas treat the root of the problem. This is done through a number of products designed for different causes unique to the condition. These include products designed to treat bad breath caused by Tonsil stones, gingivitis, post nasal drip and gum disease.

3. Therabreath is a whole solution which deals not only with bad breath but provides products which replace toothpastes and oral rinses providing all of the fluoride and tooth decay fighters that you would find in any toothpaste.

4. Aloe Vera has been added to our toothpastes in high concentration to strengthen gums and reduce gum swelling. This type of Aloe Vera formula is found ONLY in our products.

5. Our toothpastes contain 0% Saccharin which has a carcinogenic effect. Saccharin is also broken down in a process which leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

6. Our tooth gels contain NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is found in almost every other toothpaste. It is a detergent and included in other toothpastes to create a foaming effect which is misleading to the public.

7. Our products are cruelty free and do not damage the environment in any way.

Clinical studies

Presented at UCLA – The University of California at Los Angeles – (at the 4th International Conference on Oral Malodor)

The Effects of our Oxygenating products on Bad Breath Patients – Testing of Saliva Production, and Reduction of VSC by Flame Chromatography and Halimeter Values.

Bacterial production of Hydrogen Sulphide plays the main role in the ethiopathogenesis of bad breath, although there are several minor etiologic factors which also play a role. The anaerobic bacteria live in ideal areas, unreachable by oxygen, such as the back of the throat and tongue, interproximal areas of the teeth, periodontal pockets, and enlarged tonsils. An oxygenating agent able to act in these regions could provide a benefit in eliminating halitosis.

Our study monitored 25 subjects at the Department of Periodontology of our University Dental School. The subjects all suffered with the most common signs of bad breath and were evaluated both before and after the study using GCF, Halimeter (manufactured by Interscan) readings, and their level of saliva production by a Periotron 8000.

Results showed a statistically significant decrease in Halimeter readings and GCF values, while at the same time increasing their level of saliva production.

Conclusion: our products (Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Breath Spray, Concentrated Power Drops, and Oxygenating Chewing Gum) are able to scientifically eliminate bad breath (halitosis), while at the same time helping to create more saliva for those who suffer with dry mouth.

Independent studies were conducted by the following Doctors: G. Acikgoz, I. Devrim, M. Aldikacti, A. Kayipmaz, G. Keles of the Ondokuz Mayis University Dental School, Samsun Turkey

Why the OXYD-8 version of chlorine dioxide (used exclusively in Therabreath’s products) provides the longest & strongest relief:

Our products are designed to produce copious amounts of “fresh, Potent” ClO2 “ON DEMAND” exactly where it’s needed – in the oral cavity, throat and tonsils.

Consumption of “FREE” ClO2 leads to replenishment of more “FREE” ClO2 by a simple Le Chatelier shift to the right.

The demand for ClO2 is caused by the presence of the proteins and acids in the anaerobic bacteria and the volatile sulphur compounds they produce. This sensitive trigger mechanism in the OXYD-8 active ingredient in our product does not require stabilizing elements, bleach (as used in the ProFresh system).