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stomachBad breath caused by the stomach is not at all difficult to detect, diagnose and treat. It is however the worst offender for bad breath an boy does it stink. Bad breath associated with gastrointestinal diseases is foul smelling to say the least. If you need proof of this just think of a person who has burped in your face. Not a nice memory is it? That smell is really nasty. That is the breath that is gastrointestinal in nature.

This type of bad breath is probably the least common of all the causes of bad breath. This is because gastrointestinal issues that could lead to bad breath are usually pervasive enough for someone to seek treatment. Basically if your tummy hurts, of if you have chronic gas you will go see your doctor right? And once the issue has been treated the bad breath goes away.

Almost all stomach related disorders affect your breath, but not all have bad breath listed as a symptom. For example if you go online and look up acid reflux some pages will have bad breath as a symptom and others won’t. But if you think about it if you have stomach acid and pieces of food coming up into the throat there is going to be an odour.

Below are some gastrointestinal and or stomach issues that could cause bad breath

1. If you eat something smelly: okay so we have heard this one before. But what you did not know is that what you eat could cause bad breath in three ways…from remaining food particles in your mouth, from the stomach during digestion, and your lungs after digestion (as discussed in lung disease cause bad breath)
2. GERD (gastro intestinal issues/acid reflux causes bad breath): Bad breath may or may not be listed as a symptom on some web pages. But generally any affliction that causes stomach acid or heartburn and any stomach distress will be accompanied by an odour (particularly if you can taste it)
3. Gas: ever noticed that when you belch or burp people tend to crumple their noses. That’s because plain old gas gives off an odour as well.
4. Bowel Obstruction: This may sound over the top, but the odour that emits from your mouth with bowel construction smells something like faeces-no joke. We recommend using pysilium husk powder for a good colon cleanse(available at all good health stores) and at least 1 month of Therabreath essentials pack to clear up the bacterial infestation.

So to sum up this article anything that comes up from your stomach has an odour. So try not so burp or belch in company, it is not a great experience for whoever is in the near vicinity.