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gum diseaseThere are many reasons why it is very important to keep up a good oral hygiene regime, some including the fact that you will have confidence talking to other people without them having to turn away from you because your breath smells so foul, or to prevent gum disease which is a very serious and very painful disease.

The good news here is that if the oral issues have not reached the point of severe, there are ways to remedy some of these issues.

Know the signs

According to various studies done, millions of South Africans suffer from periodontal disease. The roots of the teeth are there to support healthy growth and stability. If the bones start to erode the teeth then become loose and will in all probability start falling out. The first signs to watch out for in gum disease are the gums become swollen, tender, loose and could also bleed when brushing. You might also notice that the gum line starts to recede and this could be a sign of bone and gum loss. It is very easy for food particles and bacteria to gather around in in-between these loose teeth and gums.

One of the symptoms of gums disease is halitosis or more commonly known as bad breath. Gum disease however is not the only cause of bad breath there are other things such as certain types of food for example onions and garlic, then a dry mouth could also contribute to bad breath, some allergies cause bad breath for instance sinus and then you get the bacteria that breeds in your mouth causing a volatile smell.

How can you heal it?

The first step is to keep up a good oral care hygiene regime. This is accomplished by brushing and rinsing your mouth and teeth with alcohol free products at least twice a day followed by flossing. This will ensure that you keep that bacteria at bay, have great smelling breath and keeping the teeth sparkling white.

Try cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has a few healing properties. You can use it for relieving pain, it has healing properties that will reduce any swelling of the gums and it will help to prevent gum disease from getting worse. Try adding the cayenne mixture (recipe below) to your toothbrush and then in a quick motion scrub your gum area. You will feel a tingling sensation but this is normal and will subside in a few minutes. This should be done twice daily and will relieve the pain and will reverse signs of gum disease.

Directions to make the cayenne mixture:

In a 1 litre jug pour 2 cups of cayenne pepper, and then fill the jug up with either vodka, apple cider vinegar or glycerine. Seal the jar tightly and store in a cool dark place for 6 weeks to two months. Once the time limit has been reached, strain the mixture and use accordingly. You can also ask your pharmacist if they have the mixtures readily made for you.

Try Natural foods

When your mom told you to eat your veggies, it was not to be mean. By eating fresh produce daily it will actually help to prevent gum disease. Carrots and apples work as natures very own toothbrush and help to scrape away any plaque as well as any bad breath bacteria. Other fruits and vegetables that contain certain vitamins and minerals help to neutralise the breath ensuring a clean fresh mouth.

Other research indicated that the oils present in fish and nuts have anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight off periodontal disease, and can even prevent and reverse the effects of gum disease.

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