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Test your breath at homeTesting your breath for bad smells is quite simple and can be done in seconds right where you are. It is not possible to detect bad smelling breath by breathing into your hand.

Here are a few home breath tests to properly detect if you have bad breath.

Home breath test 1

The most effective home breath test to do yourself without suffering the embarrassment of asking anyone is to wipe the surface of your tongue with cotton gauze and to smell it. Take careful note of the colour on the gauze, if you notice a yellowish tinge, then the sulphur compounds present on your tongue are very high and the likelihood is that your breath is extremely offensive to others.

Home breath test 2

For this home breath test lick the back of your hand, let it dry for a few seconds and smell it. If you have offensive breath, the bad smell you notice is evidence of the presence of sulphur on your tongue which is causing bad breath.

Home breath test 3

For home breath test 3 take a piece of dental floss and pass it between your teeth at the back of your mouth, (your molars) you may immediately notice a bad smell which indicates you may have severe bad breath. Smell the dental floss if you do not notice it immediately and again, this will tell you if you have bad breath.

Home breath test 4

For home breath test 4 stick your tongue out as far as you possibly can and look at it in a mirror. If you notice a white film on your tongue, particularly at the back of your tongue or white spots on your throat or tonsils, this is a definite sign of bad breath and the white spots on your throat and tonsils are an indication of severe bad breath or Halitosis.

Don’t let bad breath affect your life, it is curable.