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pregnant womanThis condition really exists believe it or not.  Pregnancy gingivitis has been exposed a few times in news headlines.  Scientists have been doing tests to establish a connection between bad breath, gingivitis, periodontal disease and pre-term births.

Why is it then that mothers-to-be are prone to get pregnancy gingivitis?

Woman who are expecting have hormone levels that constantly change, and this allows oral bacteria to grow out of control.  It is also common for pregnant woman to be able to smell their own halitosis and this is due to the fact that there sense of smell is also heightened during pregnancy.

It is advised that pregnant woman should not ignore something as mild as bad breath, as it could be a sign for pregnancy gingivitis.  Pregnant woman should ensure that they are using a special form of mouth rinse and toothpaste to keep the bad breath under control and to prevent gum disease.

Gum irritation is a common occurrence in pregnant woman. The reason being is that due to all the hormonal changes taking place, there is an increase in circulation in the gums causing the gums to become red and swollen. What’s more is that microorganisms can take hold very easily during pregnancy.  Due to these factors, the risk of getting tooth decay and pregnancy gingivitis in the second trimester increase.

Expectant mothers should take extra care in their daily oral hygiene regime.  The best way to do this is to brush their teeth with a specially formulated oxygenating toothpaste and mouth rinse at least twice a day.  This will kill any bacteria that might be present in the mouth as well as helping to keep the mouth moistened.  Another important factor that will help in lowering the risk of gum disease or pregnancy gingivitis is to floss.

Pregnant moms should visit their dentist for a check up at least once  during the second or third trimester.  In order to keep the gums of pregnant mothers healthy they should be rinsing their teeth with all natural alcohol free products.

It is not advised to leave pregnancy gingivitis untreated as it can lead to periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is a condition where the bone bed in which the teeth lie becomes infected.  Pre-term birth could occur due to periodontitis. It has also been proven that periodontal disease could make it harder for conception to happen.

To avoid any of these situations pregnant woman need to use specially formulated alcohol free and oxygenated products.

Therabreath products are all natural and very safe for pregnant woman to use.  Our specially formulated oxygenated products fight off bad breath and gum disease ensuring healthy gums and teeth, giving you even more reason to glow.