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A common question from partners of halitosis sufferers and of great concern is whether or not bad breath is contagious and can be passed from one person to another.

The answer is, No, halitosis is not contagious.

The bacteria which cause halitosis occur naturally in everyone’s mouth and are part of the oral flora or combination of bacteria that are present in everyone’s oral cavities.

These bacteria react with mucus or food particles in the mouth under certain circumstances, usually a dry mouth environment caused by smoking, alcohol or certain medications.

It is important for partners to be honest with one another about their halitosis and inform them of the available cure. In many cases halitosis sufferers are not aware of just how offensive their bad breath is.

Halitosis can have serious effects on relationships and the ability to maintain a relationship. The cure is simple and involves oxygenating the mouth and throat to render the bacteria that are breaking down mucus and food particles and producing sulphur compounds that are experienced as foul smelling breath.

Use the Therabreath nasal sinus formula and the AktivOxigen oral rinse to eliminate halitosis effectively and very quickly.

Don’t let halitosis destroy a beautiful relationship. You do not have to live with it, it is easily curable.