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I came across this video earlier and thought it too important not to post.

If you have small children, grand children or know anyone with children, let them watch this and then do it at home. This really is the best I have seen for kids.

Below the video you find some other interesting information about helping to kill the virius.

Of late we have also come to understand that the Covid-19 virus, like most other viruses cannot survivew in temepratures above 56 Celsius. There have been a few videos going around of people using hair dryers and water spray bottles to increase the temperature inside their nasal and sinus cavities.

These methods seem a little cumbersome. Remember the time when your Mom or Gran would pour boiling water into bowl, put a few drops of a decongestant oil like Karvol or Eucalyptus, thyen cover your head with a towl over the bowl and have you breathe in the hot steam.

This method seems a lot more efficient to me and will do the job just as well, if not better than pointing a hair dryer into your face.

This will help decongest your sinuses, kill off any susceptible viruses and help your skin all at the same time.

steaming your face

If you have a sauna or steam room at your disposal, that will do the trick as well.

Spend time out in the sun and fresh air, Viruses don’t like that either.