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diabetesAnother factor influencing bad breath is Diabetes. It is sad that so many people who suffer from this illness do not realise that they have bad breath, and even sadder the fact that it could be easily remedied.

The simplest way in which someone who has diabetes can control their bad breath is by keeping a close eye on their blood sugar. The easiest way to do this would be to make sure that the blood sugars are kept at a healthy level by keeping up with a healthy diet. It is very important that someone with diabetes cut out all artificial sugars from their diets because the body is not able to produce insulin.

So in order to keep your blood sugars at a healthy level you should only eat foods that contain healthy sugars. It is not only advised that people with diabetes keep their blood sugar stable. Even someone who is healthy should make sure that there blood sugar is not too high or low. If this happens anyone’s breath could smell sugary, and even smell like spit. The reason for this happening is because the sugar stops the body from properly processing the nutrients, and also sugar has a distinct scent once it has dried.

Did you know that your kidneys functions are also compromised when you eat foods that have elevated amount of sugar in them? If your kidneys are not functioning properly your bad breath could be an indication of this.

To ensure you have fresh breath try drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and this especially applies to someone who suffers with diabetes. If you do have the occasional soda or fruit juice make sure that these drinks are the diet veriaties. Please note that we said occasionally.

Exercise is also very vital, and is advised that you exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise will compel you to drink more water, and it also promotes a healthy body that will be able to function better.

If you are following these suggestions and there is no improvement in the bad breath please inform your doctor immediately. There might be a more serious internal or even digestive problem, and your doctor might have to modulate your insulin injections to help regulate your blood sugar.

It has been suggested that by checking your blood sugar from your side instead of your finger, it may be a more accurate reading and in this way changes could then be made in your diet or lifestyle to insure a healthier body and a fresher breath.