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celebritiesAll of humanity has had halitosis at one stage or another. Whether you are old or young, single or married, sickly or healthy, nobody is immune to bad breath. Some time back on the Today show, Kathie Lee Gifford and Honda Kotb, used the Topland Etiquette Breath Analyser. It rates a person’s breath in order to determine if they suffer from bad breath.

The test uses a scale of one to six, of which six is the worst. This is to determine the severity of the person’s bad breath. Hoda stepped up to the plate first, but failed the test instantly with a scale of six. Kathie Lee was up next, but the scale registered off the charts, she had consumed blue cheese not long before the show.

The next big cause of their bad breath are the alcoholic beverages like martini’s and wine that they consume on-air. Once the tests were completed, Kathie Lee commented that the only thing that could get rid of a bad breath would be a martini, and Hoda added that since the drinks consisted of alcohol, they must be cleansing. This however is not the case. Alcohol actually dries out the mouth, and a dry mouth is the playground for bacteria. This is the reason that an alcohol free mouth wash is recommended when treating halitosis.

Here are a few more celebrities with notorious halitosis

Of all the places that a bad breath remedy is needed, Hollywood would be it. Imagine rehearsing a scene with someone who suffers with bad breath or getting up close and personal in a love scene with a halitosis sufferer… not great. Perhaps it is chance that Dr Katz lives in Los Angeles and has his distribution center just minutes from Hollywood!
It is not only Kathie Lee Gifford and Honda Kotb who discovered that they had bad breath. According to Yahoo!, John Water, who is a movie director, Ben Affleck, Clark Gable and Hugh Grant have all been accused of suffering from bad breath.

The Entertainment Programmers Xfinity reported that some of the co-stars that have worked with Jennifer Aniston previously, like Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman, have said that her breath smells of coffee all the time. Believe it or not, coffee dries out the mouth the same way that alcohol does, and can leave your breath smelling less than fresh.

This however, is no reason to look down at these stars. Yahoo! Pointed out that this fact should be a reminder to us that actors can also suffer from bodily issues just like we do.

A good thing for all of us then is that there is a simple solution to clear up the bad breath problem. A good oral care regimen consisting of brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush, rinsing with alcohol free mouth wash and flossing between the teeth can get rid of that smelly breath in no time at all, no matter your status.