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causes of bad breathLet’s understand what causes that foul smelling breath that undermines our confidence in social situations. It has often been suggested that there is simply no cure for bad breath, which of course is entirely wrong. The good news is that the causes of bad breath are all treatable. Therabreath does not simply mask the smell but treats the causes of bad breath to permanently eliminate the sulphur causing bacteria that cause your breath to smell.

The causes of halitosis and bad breath are simply put by Cape Town aesthetic dentist Dr Ilona Visser:

“Bad breath can be traced to microbes in the mouth, especially at the back of the tongue, where the surface of the tongue is extremely rough, as well as to the areas between your teeth”

What happens is that the food particles stuck between your teeth begin to die and it is these dead or dying bacteria that release sulphur compounds that have a terrible smell and are in fact what we smell as bad breath.

This however is not the only cause of bad breath, throat infections which leave white and a mucous layer in the back of your throat and tongue are also causes of bad breath. Post nasal drip is another cause of bad breath among many medical and dental issues which can be viewed here.

After many years of research and development the California breath clinics were established with Dr Katz’s personally treating over 13 000 patients to cure their bad breath. The clinics have successfully treated over 1 million people around the world who are now free of bad breath and living the lives they deserve.