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Bad breath hinders your career prospectsIt is a well known fact that the higher up the corporate ladder you progress, the more meetings you will need to attend and the more you will need to interact with colleagues and clients at a high level.

Ruth Lea, head of policy for the Institute of Directors said that bad breath or halitosis could be the problem in an interview. In Positions that require a lot of interaction on a face to face level, bad breath is a serious problem.

Halitosis is such a personal issue that the vast majority of people do not like to talk about it, let alone tell their friends or colleagues that their breath is offensive. You may have been suffering from severe bad breath or halitosis for many years, thinking that by masking it with chewing gums and mints is sufficient, or that there is no cure for halitosis and you just have to live with it. Well, there is a cure for bad breath and you need not suffer the embarrassment any longer but regain your confidence in business as well as personal interaction.

Remember, people do business with people in a highly competitive world and you need every possible advantage over your competitors, so give yourself a fighting chance by eliminating the one factor above many that could see you lose the business. Treat your halitosis and the confidence in your interactions will be evident, no more putting your hand to your mouth or turning away when you speak, look your customers in the eye and speak confidently without having to worry about foul smelling breath.

Halitosis is often the reason that career advancement is hindered and this need not be the case. Bad breath is treatable by oxygenating the oral cavities, preventing the sulphur producing bacteria from multiplying.

Therabreath has been successfully treating halitosis for 15 years with more than a 95% success rate, so don’t let your career advancement be hindered by a condition that is easily treated.