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bad breath bullyingWhile grown-ups have more severe setbacks caused by bad breath such as being self conscience at work or having to try and hide their bad breath from co-workers and their partners, children who have bad breath problems could have setbacks aswel.

Children who suffer from bad breath could be the target of excessive teasing. This could then result in their grades dropping because their self confidence could drop. Recent studies have also showed that children who have been teased are more prone to develop mental health problems later in life.

To help your child to avoid being picked on because of their bad breath, it would be beneficial to take them to a dentist as early and as often as possible. By taking your child to a dentist early on in life it will teach them how to take care of their teeth and to learn good oral hygiene from an early age. Bullying cannot be prevented by preventing bad breath, but is will certainly help minimise the chances of this happening.

It is advised that you should take your child to see the dentist as soon as the first tooth starts to push through the gums. It is not advised to wait until the child is two or older, because it might be too late by then, and half of their teeth might need to be pulled.
The dentist will be able then to give you treatments that will help if your child has bad breath, thus reducing the child’s chances of being bullied.

Some parents might think that bad breath in the child is superficial, it is important to realise that bad breath will not only have a serious impact on their performance at school, it can also have a big impact in their social lives. The sooner your child learns proper oral hygiene and learns to take proper care of their teeth the better the chance is that bad breath will not be a problem later on.

Additionally, Therabreath’s products may help to ensure that your child will have fresh breath.