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Bad breath and relationship happinessBad breath is a very personal issue and proven in many surveys conducted around the world to be a major factor in break ups of relationships.

Think about it, you probably have a friend or colleague who suffers from halitosis, have you ever told them how terrible it smells? The likelihood is that you have not told them and the reason for this is the incredibly personal nature of the problem.

People have the perception that alerting friends to the fact that their breath is very offensive could have a negative effect on the friendship, which is ironic when we consider that a very high percentage of respondents in various surveys have indicated that halitosis is the number one cause of ending a relationship, stating that they could not envisage living with someone for a long period of time being exposed to their offensive breath, have their friends asking how they can stand it and of course how severe bad breath effects their sex life and ability to orgasm with the exaggerated smell during love making.

Halitosis is a condition which effects as many as 1/3 of the world’s population in one form or another, from occasional bad breath to severe halitosis. The shame of it is that most people are not aware of just how offensive it is because people are not open enough to tell their friends.

We all want our friends to be happy yet ironically we do not tell them of the most important factor affecting their relationships and in all likelihood the chance at experiencing happiness in a relationship.

Halitosis is a curable condition and nothing to be ashamed of. Treat the cause and we can all live a fresh breath life, reach our full potential and experience happy relationships.

Don’t live with halitosis for another moment, take action and experience the confidence of interacting in the knowledge that you have fresh breath.