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breast cancer 1Seeing as October is cancer awareness month, here is our contribution towards making a difference and hopefully making more people aware.

Since childhood most of us have heard our parents nag on and on about brushing and flossing daily, morning and night. And today we know, through on going studies being done, how important it really is to keep our mouth’s clean and free from bad breath. More recently, the experts have said that effective oral health care is fundamental as a preventative measure.

In one of the most recent studies, there was an indication that poor oral health could indicate a higher risk of breast cancer. They found that woman who suffered from periodontal disease actually had the highest likelihood of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Even though the study’s authors never indicated a direct relationship between these two conditions, they did state that periodontitis increases the quantity of harmful bacteria in the mouth and in the bloodstream.

Eventually the microbial infection of the gums could wear down the bone tissue in which teeth are rooted. When this happens, you can develop halitosis, severe gingivitis and even the loss of teeth.

When there are odour-causing microorganisms present, and they begin feeding on the food particles (proteins) present in the mouth, they emit smells which are associated with bad breath, and this is a sign that oral care is in decline.

Some interesting facts on breath and illnesses.

• Stomach cancer can now be detected in its early stages by the latest breath technology called nanoarray analysis. The nanoarray analysis can actually identify the levels of certain compounds that are linked to stomach cancer.
• In 2013 there were studies conducted on patients using a pre-programmed electronic nose. This pre-programmed electronic nose can detect the different profiles of volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath, and accurately identify someone who has lung cancer.
• By using a simple breath test, researchers were able to identify the patients who were suffering from heart failure.
• If breath smells fruity or like acetone, it could be an indication of diabetes.
• If breath smells of fish, it could be an indication of kidney failure
• If breath smells sour, it could be an indication of sleep apnea
• If your breath smells foul, it could be an indication of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or
• It could also be an indication of respiratory infections like sinusitis post nasal drip or the flu. All of these infections involve mucous and dry mouth. A dry mouth and mucous are two of the main causes of bad breath.

Source Everyday Health