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Dr Harold Katz

Dr KatzDr Harold Katz, who founded The California Breath Clinics also developed the Therabreath line of top quality oral care products. He is known around the globe as the expert of bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones and dry mouth. Dr Katz has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who suffer with halitosis problems. Since appearing on shows such as The View and the CBS Early show, he has been given the title of “Bad Breath Guru”.

Dr Katz went to UCLA School of Dentistry and graduated with a degree in dentistry and in Bacteriology. He opened his successful practice in the 1970s in California Beverly Hills a few blocks from 20th Century Fox Studios. He worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and through the years his dentistry techniques were perfected.

The inspiration behind Dr Katz developing the Therabreath product line in the early 1990s is all due to his daughter. Even after trying various standard mouth rinses and toothpastes with regular flossing, his daughters bad breath problem still persisted. Because of Dr Katz’s extensive knowledge of bacteriology he soon realized that bad breath was not caused by the digestive system as claimed by so many advertised products. Dr Katz discovered that the cause of bad breath was in fact a group of sulphur producing bacteria that reside on the tongue area as well as in the throat.

Once he discovered this fact he started to experiment with oral rinse and toothpaste formulas that would ultimately eliminate the bacteria that causes halitosis (bad breath). Once he had the correct formula in place, he started the Therabreath product line. From there Dr Katz went on to open Breath Clinic’s in and around California in 1993. Dr Katz observed and treated patients who suffered with chronic bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones and dry mouth. After doing several clinical tests on patients who he had treated with Therabreath products, the results were phenomenal. 98% of the volatile suffer compounds that cause bad breath was eliminated.

Following the success of Therabreath and the treatment of halitosis, Dr Katz went one step further and published his book “The Bad Breath Bible”. The bad breath bible gives you all the information that you will ever need to find out what the causes are for bad breath and what will cure it. Furthermore he discusses taste disorders and how to cure that too. The bad breath bible has proven to be a great success and is now in its second edition and with over 1,000,000 copies that are in print, and millions have downloaded from the internet.

Dr Katz and Therabreath products have helped and treated hundreds of thousands of people who suffered with halitosis and who were treated at his clinics. Not to mention millions of people from around the globe who have used Therabreath products. Therabreath not only eliminated the bad breath of all these people, but gave them their self esteem and confidence back.