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6 foods that whiten your teethFoods such as berries, coffee, wine, juice and curry all stain your teeth after a while. So it is not a surprise that many people turn to teeth whitening products to keep their teeth white. Some at home remedies such as baking soda help, but did you know that there are some foods that actually promote a radiant smile and help to whiten your teeth.

Eat Dark Chocolate to whiten your teeth
Not only does dark chocolate contain antioxidants that boost the immune system, it can also whiten your teeth. Dark chocolate contains theobromine, which is a substance that works to harden the enamel. If the enamel (which is the outer coating of your teeth) is weak, foods can more easily soak into the surface and your teeth become more susceptible to staining. The dark chocolate’s strengthening abilities helps to prevent this. This sweet treat also contains tannins which prevent bacteria from sticking to your ivories, and this can prevent bad breath. These ingredients are only found in dark chocolate and not in the milk and other varieties of chocolates. Also when buying this sweet treat make sure to check the ingredients section to see if it has high qualities of theobromine for a greater whitening effect.

Eat Seeds and nuts to whiten your teeth
One might think that nuts and seeds could be harmful to ones teeth because of their abrasive coatings but they actually work to scrub off the plaque and stain-causing substances from your teeth, and thus can help to whiten your teeth. Just bear in mind that nuts have a high calorie content and if you eat too many you could gain extra weight that you don’t want.

Drink Tea to whiten your teeth
Tea often gets the blame for teeth staining, but it contains a key ingredient called polyphenol that can battle dinginess. Tea contains high amounts of this organic chemical and it fights against acid and bacteria in the mouth. This means that not only does tea keep your teeth’s enamel strong and healthy it also helps you to maintain fresh breath. Tea also enhances your mouths fluoride levels which lead to less erosion of your tooth enamel. Too much dark tea can stain your tea so try sticking to lighter teas such as green tea.

Apples and pears help to whiten your teeth
Apples and pears are good for your mouth in a couple of ways. Their crispy texture toughens up your gums and in turn will protect your gums from developing periodontal disease and tooth loss. Because of their high water content, they prevent a dry mouth and help to increase the saliva content. Your saliva protects your mouth from bacteria that causes bad breath and plaque, and it helps flush away teeth-yellowing substances, and in this way helps to whiten your teeth.

Strawberries whiten your teeth
Strawberries contain an abundance of malic acid. The malic acid serves as an astringent that will clear away the stains and help to whiten your teeth. A home remedy many use is to combine mashed strawberries and baking soda together to enhance the tooth whitening. But you don’t have to do it that way; you could just snack on a strawberry or cut some into your salads and even into your breakfast. Take note that only strawberries contain this enzyme other berries tend to make your teeth more dingy.

Cheese can help to whiten your teeth
Even though cheese is often a culprit for bad breath, it does enhance your calcium levels to give you stronger and healthier looking teeth. Cheese also increases the pH level in your mouth. This means that your teeth have a lower chance of erosion and discoloration, and this also helps whiten your teeth.