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5 steps to fresher breathLet us understand at the outset that the bacteria responsible for bad breath are present in everyone’s mouth and throat.

The steps outlined below will effectively show you how to prevent these bacteria from digesting protein. The process of the germs digesting the protein causes them to excrete protein which is what causes bad breath or Halitosis.

This process takes place in your mouth all day long while there is protein available for the germs to digest.

Following the simple 5 step program below will help to eliminate these opportunistic germs from their natural path of digesting and excreting the foul smelling bi- product of their digestion process.

1. Drink water and drink plenty of it to avoid Halitosis

This does not mean that you can drink coffee, tea or other liquids that contain water. It is important to drink H2O. What this does is cause your mouth to be well hydrated with ample saliva, which is the mouths natural way of fighting germs in your oral cavities.

2. Prescription medication could be causing your Halitosis

Check the side effects of the medication you are taking, be it for general health purposes or specific to a condition. If you see dry mouth as a side effect you can be sure that this is creating conditions which Halitosis causing germs will thrive in.

To effectively combat this dry mouth effect it is essential to use the Oxygenating oral rinse and Therabreath toothpaste which encourages saliva production and improves the environment in your mouth for fresh breath.

3. Brush and rinse your mouth often to avoid Halitosis

As we have identified the presence of protein as the culprit that allows germs to excrete sulphur, rinsing out your mouth directly after eating or better still, brushing after eating is the best way to remove the protein particles and deprive the germs of food.

This will remove the particles and following this up with an oxygenating oral hygiene routine will leave your mouth well hydrated and oxygenated.

4. Protein drinks and food supplements cause Halitosis

If you are taking protein supplements or meal replacement shakes, these are all high in protein and the germs in your mouth are singing a sweet song.

Rinse out your mouth after every shake. This form of protein is the easiest for them to digest and they are loving you for it. Ensure that your mouth and throat is free of any protein residues and use an oxygenating oral rinse to beat the germs.

5. Look at your tongue

Stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at your tongue. If you notice a white or yellow coating on your tongue you are harbouring a layer of bacterial waste that is emitting a foul smell.

Here you need to use a rigorous oral hygiene routine including tongue scraping and brushing with Therabreath oxygenating toothpaste, an oral rinse and every day good oral hygiene.

Don’t give Halitosis the opportunity to take over your mouth and affect your social life. It is a curable condition that we at Therabreath have been effectively treating for many, many years through the California breath clinics. The Therabreath range of Halitosis and bad breath treatment products have helped tens of thousands of people around the world regain their confidence with permanent fresh breath.

We hope these tips have helped and will encourage you not to give up and believe that Halitosis is something you don’t just have to live with.