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Post Nasal Drip is a cause of Bad Breath

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Fresh Breath

Post Nasal Drip ThroatBad breath bacteria finds the proteins in mucus delicious!

Bad breath bacteria feeds off of the mucus that drains down your nasal passages and then coats the back of your tongue and throat. This happens when you have post nasal drip. Bad breath bacteria breaks down the proteins in the mucus and this causes smelly and sour tasting compounds.

People who suffer from post nasal drip, sinus problems and other issues associated with nasal passages are more liable to have bad breath and horrible tastes. Children are prone to bad breath problems as a result of post nasal drip brought on by runny noses. Common colds and raw and itchy throats can feed the bacteria that causes bad breath, and this is the reason that someone who has a cold could have a “sick” breath odor.

Did you know that a mouth that produces little saliva can make the bad breath problem even worse? Some medications such as antihistamines used for sinus problems dry the sinus area, and it slows down the production of saliva. Your body has hard time controlling the bad breath related to germs in your mouth if your saliva is minimal.

Therabreath Nasal-sinus Drops eliminates any odor caused by post-nasal drip

To instantly reduce bad breath caused by post nasal drip, apply a few drops of Therabreath Nasal-sinus drops into each nostril. Mucus is not the only food source available to the bad-breath-related bacteria living in your mouth. Other sources come from the proteins in food waste, bleeding gums as well as damaged oral tissue, which are also used by the bacteria to cause bad breath. To help combat these other sources, we recommend that the Nasal-Sinus drops be used together with the Therabreath toothpaste and Therabreath Oral Rinse.

Post nasal drip is not a medical term but due to the extensive advertising performed by drug companies over the years, it has stuck. It is essentially a flow of mucous down the back of the throat and often associated with a cough. Inflammation in the sinus passages can cause what we know as post nasal drip but it more often than not a seasonal problem associated with certain allergies.

When there is excess mucous in the oral system it is very important to use Therabreath products to stop the proliferation of the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.