Therabreath Mandarin Mint Lozenges

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Dry mouth is an ideal environment for the proliferation of the bacteria that cause bad breath which is often caused by medication (check the insert for side effects of dry mouth also referred to as xerostomia). A fresh moist and healthy mouth and throat is what you will achieve using Therabreath lozenges and essentially create an environment that is not conducive for the bacteria to thrive in.

Each box of Therabreath Lozenges contains 72 mouth wetting lozenges that stimulate the production of oxygen rich saliva. The Zinc, Xylitol and Oxygen are in clinical strength formulation to keep bad breath at bay.

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2 reviews for Therabreath Mandarin Mint Lozenges

  1. Katz (verified owner)


  2. May West

    Awesome mints. I keep them next to my bed because I constantly wake up during the night with a dry mouth.

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