Therabreath Plus Essentials Pack

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Chronic bad breath needs the extra strength Oxygenating power of Dr Katz’s Therabreath PLUS formulas.

Pack Contains:

1 x Therabreath PLUS extra strength tooth paste
1 x Therabreath PLUS extra strength oral rinse
1 x Tongue cleaner

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The Therabreath PLUS essentials pack contains the three essential elements to deal with stubborn and chronic bad breath with Dr Katz’s extra strength Therabreath PLUS products.

Therabreath PLUS is a very powerful formulation of Therabreath designed to treat chronic bad breath and Halitosis including Tonsil stones and bad breath that emanates from the very back of the throat.

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1 review for Therabreath Plus Essentials Pack

  1. Katz

    Expensive but worth it!

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