Periotherapy Confidence Pack

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Use Periotherapy Confidence pack for complete Gum health. Periotherapy will stop your gums from bleeding. It is essential for a healthy oral environment and to give you confidence throughout the day.

Pack contains:

1 x Periotherapy Oral Rinse
1 x Therabreath Fresh Breath Tooth Paste
1 x Box Therabreath Mandarin Mint Lozenges
1 x Tongue cleaner

This pack contains everything you need to deal with bad breath issues.
The periotherapy oral rinse and toothpaste are to be used twice daily and the Mouth wetting Mandarin mint lozenges during the day to oxygenate your mouth instantly. Therabreath’s periotherapy treatment is a specially formulated oral care system that cares for your gums, returning them to good health, stopping bleeding and treating bad breath at the same time.

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