Tonsil Stones Eliminator Pack

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Tonsil stones are a severe manifestation of the accumulation of bad breath causing bacteria. These bacteria find their way to the back of your throat and tongue and present as very smelly little white globs at the back of the throat.

Pack Contains:

2 x Therabreath PLUS oral rinse
1 x Therabreath PLUS toothpaste
1 x Therabreath Throat Spray
1 x FLO sinus irrigator (includes 12 x sachets)
1 x Box mouth wetting lozenges (100’s)
1 x Tongue Cleaner

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In order to effectively treat tonsil stones the maximum strength of Therabreath Plus oxygenating formulas are required. You will notice the difference after the very first use! The terribly smelly little white globs that hide at the back of the throat and tongue have a putrid smell that may in severe cases smell like dog doo. High concentrations of oxygen from Therabreatnh PLUS extra strength toothpaste are required to eliminate the problem.

This pack contains all of the necessary products to effectively eliminate tonsil stones at the source. These are the maximum strength formulas required to rid yourself of tonsil stones.

Sinus irrigator refills are available in packs of 20 sachets

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