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Tonsil Stone Eliminator Deluxe Pack

Tonsil Stone Eliminator Deluxe Pack

R 2,281.00

This pack is for chronic tonsil stone sufferers who also suffer with post nasal drip/sinus problems and has everything required to get rid of the tonsil stones and get the bacterial infestation under control.

Pack Contains:

2 x Therabreath PLUS oral rinse
1 x Therabreath ORGINAL toothpaste (Green)
2 x Therabreath Throat Spray
1 x Therabreath Mandarin Mouth Lozenges
6 x Therabreath mandarin mint gum or French kiss gum
1 x Tongue Cleaner
1 x FLO nasal sinus irrigator (12 x sachets included)

Everything you will need to get rid of tonsil stones and to prevent them from coming back is included in this kit. You will start noticing changes in the first day of use already.

Mix 1 FLO Sachet in the squeeze bottle provided and follow the instructions on the pack to irrigate the sinuses well. (use 2 – 3 times per week until finished)

Using the tongue cleaner gently scrape your tongue, running the cleaner over the surface of the tongue 5-6 times.

Brush your teeth with Therabreath plus toothpaste and thereafter rinse with Therabreath extra strength oral rinse using one measured capful for 60-90 seconds.

Spray 4-5 squirts of the Therabreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray in your throat and on the back of your tongue 4-5 times during the day. By doing this you will be neutralizing the anaerobic, sulphur producing bacteria.

The lozenges and gum help to stimulate saliva flow and keep breath fresh through out the day, especially when you don’t have your toothbrush handy.

Please see the individual products ingredient lists for ingredient details.

Therabreath PLUS Oral Rinse
Therabreath PLUS Toothpaste
Therabreath Mandarin Mint Lozenges
Therabreath Throat Spray
Therabreath FLO Sinus Irrigator
Therabreath Gum

Does not Contain: Alcohol, Saccharin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Benzalkonium Chloride (an allergen)

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