Therabreath PLUS Extra Strength Toothpaste twin pack

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Dr Katz’s extra strength Therabreath PLUS toothpaste contains high levels of patented OXY-D8 for maximum oxygenating power.

Pack contains: 2 x Therabreath PLUS extra strength Toothpaste

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Therabreath PLUS extra strength toothpaste ios the strongest of Dr Katz’s tooth pastes that will stop bad breath. Contains high levels of patented Oxy-D8 for mqaximum oxygenating power.

Therabreath PLUS toothpaste is specifically designed to bring the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath under control.

Best used with Therabreath PLUS oral rinse twin pack.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 18 cm
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