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halitosis-bacteriaIs there a bad breath or halitosis cure? We often get asked if sinus surgery or removing ones tonsils will cure bad breath and we felt it necessary to explain what  exactly is required to get halitosis under control.

halitosis is caused by an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria that are present in everyone’s oral cavities (mouth, nose and throat). These bacteria are anaerobic bacteria that are necessary for the normal functioning of the digestive system and it is an accumulation of excess anaerobic bacteria that cause halitosis. The reason is that these bad breath causing bacteria consume small amounts of protein that are left in your mouth from food, mucus or blood and other particles wedged between your teeth or there is a lot of mucus in your throat from a post nasal drip. Mucus is protein and so is blood, so wherever there is a lot of food particles, blood or mucus, these anaerobic bacteria will consume the protein and the by product of their consumption of these proteins is a sulphur compound which you experience as bad breath.

Now that we understand what causes bad breath we are in a position to deal with it. To effectively deal with the excessive accumulation of anaerobic bacteria it is necessary to create oxygen rich environments which will kill off the bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in oxygen rich environments and Therabreath products are designed to do just that, produce a chemical reaction that creates high doses of oxygen, making the environment unfriendly to anaerobic bacteria. A bad breath cure is getting the bacteria down to normal levels so that they can be easily maintained.

Surgery will not cure bad breath and only in extremely severe cases of post nasal drip and tonsil infection, should you even consider surgery. In many cases surgery as a bad breath cure may worsen the problem.  Therabreath is the only bad breath cure on the market today that really works.

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