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Bad breath during pregnancyIt is common for women to have bad breath during pregnancy. During pregnancy many women suffer from swollen or inflamed gums. Bad breath during pregnancy is particularly prevalent in the early stages of pregnancy and is the result of an invisible film that grows on the teeth causing a plaque build-up which causes swelling and irritates the gums. Bad breath during pregnancy is a direct result of plaque build up and gingivitis.

Women in the early stages of pregnancy experience dramatic hormonal changes which cause exaggerated responses to plaque. Pregnant women who suffer from gum disease are 6 times more likely to have low weight or to give birth prematurely, so it is extremely important for pregnant women to follow a rigorous oral hygiene routine, take care to reduce or eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and halitosis by Oxygenating their mouth and throat daily.

Prostaglandins is a fatty acid that would normally control inflammation and muscle contraction, which is why prostaglandins levels increase during pregnancy and ultimately peak in the ninth month. When the bacteria that cause gingivitis enter the blood stream, bearing in mind that once in the blood stream can travel all the way to the Uterus, it causes the production of increased amounts of prostaglandins, effectively tricking the body into thinking it needs to go into labour. The result is premature labour or underweight babies.

Pregnant women or women who are trying to get pregnant should take extra care with their oral hygiene routine and minimize the presence of bacteria that cause gingivitis or bad breath.

In extreme cases of gingivitis, pregnant women are prone to what are termed pregnancy tumours, which are an exaggerated inflammation that result in benign growths that must be treated. When pregnant it is very important to beware of taking medications which could affect your baby and by following a very good oral hygiene program to minimize the effects of the hormonal imbalances.

Using the Therabreath Therabreath Plus pack, which contains the Therabreath plus tooth paste, Therabreath plus mouthwash and tongue cleaner, is the ideal way to prevent bad breath during pregnancy and eliminate unwanted bacterial build-ups in the oral cavities.